Book-cover2It is not easy to define why many people in life are unhappy. It could be due to internal influences (such as depression) or external influences (such as your boss is a jerk). We are trying to target people in life who are unhappy due to not being in a fulfilling, loving relationship, and this is what our new book targets. We wish to help release you from the shackles of loneliness and boredom.

In these 3 small paragraphs I’m going to give you the key to happiness. Therefore you won’t need to buy my book (but you will anyways because there’s the simple matter of applying what you are about to learn). If you are single and unhappy, join an online dating site. It’s as simple as that. Find members of the opposite (or same) sex whom you are attracted to, and get out there and go on dates. You will quickly forget about your issues and troubles in life. If cost is a factor, you can always use an eHarmony promo code to save money on your monthly subscription.

This book is for those who find themselves jaded when it comes to dating. We want to help you reboot your passion and kindle your love and zest for life again. Using our very simple process, in a matter of a few short weeks you will find yourself being optimistic about dating and you might even have a great time on the online dating site that you joined. Just be sure to read each chapter very carefully and try to roleplay inside your head and visualize the concepts that we will be presenting to you. Ready? Hop on over to the Intro part of this site and let’s get your new life started!